January 5th - "Genesis 37 Part I, Favoritism"
January 12th - "Genesis 37 Part 2, Providence"
January 19th - "Genesis 38, As The O.T. Turns"
January 26th - "Pain and Suffering" by Richard Cobler
February 2nd - "Genesis 39, From Humiliation to Exultation and Back Again"
February 9th - "Genesis 40, Dreamers, Schemers, and Reality"
February 16th - "Genesis 41, I Can't, but God Will"
February 23rd - "Genesis 42, Living the Dream"
March 5th - "Genesis 42, Severe Mercies"
March 9th - "Genesis 42, The Reunion Part 1"
March 16th - "Genesis 43, The Reunion Part 2"
March 23rd - "Genesis 43, The Reunion Part 3"
March 30th - "Genesis 43, The Reunion Part 4"
Apr 6th - "Truly Knowing The Mind of God" by Mathew Samuel
Apr 13th - "Genesis 44, The Reunion Part 5"
Apr 20th - "Easter Sunday, Forevermore!!"
Apr 27th - "Genesis 45 - Understanding the Games People Play"
May 4th - "Genesis 45, 46 - Providential Provision"
May 11th - "I Peter 3:7 - The Weaker Partner"
May 18th - "Living in the Kingdom" by Allen Walker
May 25th - "Looking Like A Christian" by Richard Cobler
June 1st - "The Christian Dichotomy"
June 8th - "The Blessed Contrast"
June 15th - "Men Or Milquetoast"
June 22nd - "When to Say, Enough!"
June 29th - "The Blessedness of Blessing"
July 6th - "Blessings and Anti-Blessings"
July 13th - "Death at a Blessing"
July 20th - "Remember the Duck!"
July 27th - "God Will Surely Come"
Aug 3rd - "Choosing Is A Choice"
Aug 10th - "Chosen Oxymoron"
Aug 17th - "Use Me God, I Feel Used" by Dean Chollar
Aug 20th - "How I Know, Part I" by Mario & Danielle Lopez
"How I Know, Part II" by Mario & Danielle Lopez
Aug 24th - "The Bible Says It's Sin" by Richard Cobler
Sept 31st - "Personal Evangelism" by Jeff Hayes
Sept 7th - "Living Waters" by Allen Walker
Sept 14th - Kevin Paszalek, Missionary to Kenya
Sept 21st - "Battlefield Us!"
Sept 28th - "Pigeon Religion"
Oct 5th - "Majority Rules"
Oct 19th - "Engaged"
Oct 26th - "Silent Thunder"
Nov 9th - "They Built A Wall" by Allen Walker
Nov 16th - "Divine Committal" by Allen Walker
Nov 23rd - "Open Eyes, Changed Hearts" by Allen Walker
Nov 30th - "A Paean of Praise" by Allen Walker
Dec 7th - "Relationships" by Dean Chollar
Dec 14th - "That Empty God Hole" by Richard Cobler
Dec 21st - "The Men Who Missed Christmas" by Richard Cobler
Dec 24th - "Christmas Candlelight Service" by Richard Cobler
Dec 28th - "New Years' Resolutions" by Richard Cobler

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