Jan 1st - "Behold Our God!" by Matt Henslee
Jan 8th - "Upward & Onward" by Matt Henslee
Jan 15th - "Resolved!" by Matt Henslee
Jan 22nd - "Prepare The Way" by Matt Henslee
Jan 29th - "Empowered, Then Tried" by Matt Henslee
Feb 5th - "Repent and Believe" by Matt Henslee
Feb 12th - "Authority Without Compare" by Matt Henslee
Feb 19th - "At The Heart of It All" by Matt Henslee
Feb 26th - "Who Can Forgive?" by Matt Henslee
Mar 5th - "Friends of Sinners" by Matt Henslee
Mar 12th - "How Can I Know That I Am Saved?" by Richard Cobler
Mar 19th - "Why Don't They Fast?" by Matt Henslee
Mar 26th - "The Sovereignty of God" by Richard Cobler
Apr 2nd - "I Need You" by Matt Henslee
Apr 9th - "Fake News & Alt Facts" by Kevin Paszalek
Apr 16th - "The Effects of the Cross of Christ" by David Briggs
Apr 23rd - "Fellowship in the Church" by Richard Cobler
Apr 30th - "Let's Major on the Majors, Part I!" by David Briggs
May 7th - "Let's Major on the Majors, Part II!" by David Briggs
May 14th - "God's Priorities" by Scott Pospisil
May 21st - "Winning the Battle" by Richard Cobler
May 28th - "Let's Major on the Majors, Part III!" by David Briggs
June 4th - "Detours" by Scott Pospisil
June 11th - "Isaiah's Holy God" by Richard Cobler
June 18th - "All To The Glory of God" by Richard Cobler
June 25th - "Let's Major on the Majors, Part IV!" by David Briggs
July 2nd - "Choices" by Richard Cobler
July 9th - "How is your Heart? I" by David Briggs
July 16th - "How is your Heart? II" by David Briggs
July 23rd - "How is your Heart? III" by David Briggs
July 30th - "Interferences" by John Desario
Aug 6th - "Do You Hear The Lord?" by Richard Cobler
Aug 13th - "A Pastor's Heart" by David Briggs
Aug 20th - "Spiritual Unity" by John Desario
Aug 27th - "Pain and Suffering" by Richard Cobler
Sept 3rd - "Sanctify Your Heart" by David Briggs
Sept 10th - "Live the Contented Life" by Richard Cobler
Sept 24th - "How Great Is Your Faithfulness?" by Richard Cobler
Oct 1st - "How Much Do You Love God?" by David Briggs

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